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  • Table Viewer

    Table Viewer

    Convert JSON to Table like a SQL Client

  • Documents Export

    Documents Export

    Download documents as CSV or JSON

  • Documents Import

    Documents Import

    Bulk import to Firestore from CSV or JSON

  • SubCollection


    Support SubCollection recursively

  • Querying


    Query and retrieve the docuemnts you want

  • Sort


    Specify the sort order and limit for your data

  • Search


    Search by partial match or exact match in fetched documents

  • Pinned Query

    Pinned Query

    Save query and order per project

  • Detect Field Type

    Detect Field Type

    String, Number, Boolean, Map, Array, Timestamp, etc...

  • Edit


    Edit and update field value easily

  • Delete


    Delete document from collection

  • Secure


    Works completely in a local environment

  • Save Query Cost

    Save Query Cost

    To reduce query cost, limit result and caching


    DARK MODE Soon

    To make your eyes a little bit less tired

  • Multiple Windows

    Multiple Windows Soon

    Easier multitasking, just like in your Web browser

  • View Query

    View Query Soon

    List all queries you ran with JavaScript syntax


Generate Private Key
  1. 1. Download Private Key

    Click Generate New Private Key on Firebase Console

  2. 2. Import serviceAccountKey.json

    Download Firestudio app and import serviceAccountKey.json

🔐 Data is Secure

Your Private Key is stored locally, without being uploaded.
This app uses private key only to connect to Firestore via Firebase Admin SDK.


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  • What is your cancellation policy?

    If you no longer wish to use Firestudio, you may cancel anytime to finish your subscription at my.firestudio.app.

  • How many devices can I activate?

    You can register unlimited number of devices.

  • Are you not really collecting Firestore data?

    This app works completely in a local environment and does not collect your Firestore data or confidential information.

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